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Welcome to the online home for the
Reaching The Community Sunday School Class!

Our class web site can be a creative way of getting class members excited about a subject, keeping you up to date on assignments, and providing you with valuable online resources. Because a class site should be engaging, I'll try to present information that makes the subject interesting and fun, such as brain teasers or polls about current events. Of course, I'll want to include plenty of links so you can explore a wealth of ideas on the web.

Please help me by sending suggestions, comments, and content to be added to this site.  This is not my site, but rather it belongs to the Lord  and the class.  I am simply  the computer Geek that our savior will use to maintain the site and spread the Good News.
Events and Announcements
Last Updated 1/5/2008


Happy New Year!  At the current time we do not have any special events or projects scheduled that I am aware of.  Class members that have an upcoming event, or announcement that needs to be published should contact me via phone or email and I will be sure to publish it here.

  • For Men interested in the Men's Ministry Outreach to the community.  We will be meeting this Wednesday Evening Jan, 9th, 2008 in the family life center at 6:00 PM.  All are welcome!


Bella the Box Office

If you'd like to encourage Hollywood to produce more family-friendly films, why not start by supporting the ones that are coming out now? There's an opportunity right now to make a powerful pro-life statement by getting your family and friends out to the theater this weekend to see Bella, a life- and heart-changing film about the true meaning of love. Because of overwhelming box office demand, Bella is expanding to nearly 50 new cities in the next few weeks. I encourage you to visit the film's website and see where it's playing near you. The more success this film has, the greater its possibility of touching more people and saving more lives. For other ways that you or your church can promote Bella, log on to www.helpbella.com.

Additional Resources
Help Bella website



Meet the Challenge!

Here are links to a fun Christmas bible quiz, and crossword puzzle, some downloadable coloring pages will be coming soon.  Have fun and contact us for the answers when done (no cheating).

Christmas Quiz
Christmas Crossword