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Setting The Record Straight

Most anyone who knows me, knows that I am no fan of our government, a staunch defender of the constitution, and am appalled as most of you are by the increasing Anti Christian Bias in America today. However I do wish to set the records straight on this one.

In 2007 the U.S. Mint began a series similar to the 50 State Quarters Program launched in 1999. This new series, the Presidential $1 Coin Program, features dollar coins identical in size, color, and composition to the earlier Sacagawea dollar, each one bearing the likeness of a former U.S. President on the obverse (front) and a representation of the Statue of Liberty on the reverse (back). The Presidential $1 coins will be released in series of four per year (in order corresponding to the presidents' terms of office) and began in February 2007.

Like a widely-circulated e-mail from 2004 which claimed that a reference to God had been deliberately omitted from the recently-opened National World War II Memorial, another  e-mail still being forwarded erroneously asserts that the new dollar coins do not include the phrase "In God We Trust" in their design. Actually, the Presidential $1 coins incorporate a few new design features not found on other current U.S. coinage, one of which is that elements typically displayed on either the obverse or reverse of U.S. coins the year of minting, the mint mark, the motto from the Great Seal of the United States ("E Pluribus Unum"), and the current national motto of the United States ("In God We Trust") will instead be included as edge-incused inscriptions. see attached) That is, all of these elements will appear on the edges of the new dollar coins rather than on their fronts or backs:

In this case The Presidential dollars neither omits the phrase "In God We Trust" nor demonstrate a plot to "phase God out of America." The national motto has been relocated, along with other common features, to the edge of the coins (in large part according to the mint, to avoid cluttering the obverse design, which already includes each president's name, number, and years in office). As for the claim that positioning "In God We Trust" as an edge-incused inscription means that the motto will quickly be worn away, it is exceedingly unlikely that any of the presidential dollar coins will circulate nearly long enough to experience that much wear.

(Some of the George Washington and John Adams presidential dollars were discovered to be missing their edge inscriptions shortly after the initial release of those coins, but according to the US Mint those examples were the result of minting errors and were not reflective of the new dollars' intended standard appearance. The edge inscriptions are added in a separate step on different machinery.) Could this have been intentional, and could have moving "In God We Trust" off the face of our coins been just one step toward removing it altogether, and only after the Christian publics outrage and outcry, caused them to stamp it on the side? Only those responsible for minting the coin and God know for sure.

Two other interesting points of fact to make are that One traditional feature that has been left off the new dollar coins is the appearance of the word "Liberty." The U.S. Mint explained the change by noting that "each coin represents this important value by depicting the Statue of Liberty on the reverse." Also the Government began minting a $10.00 First Spouse Gold Coin this year, and interestingly enough the National Motto "In God We Trust" is prominently displayed on the Front of the Coin not the edge.

I guess the point I am trying to make with all this what would appear to be bloviating, is that while this email containing misinformation may have had a seemingly positive effect of showing that we are still predominantly "One Nation Under God;" it could just as easily have a negative effect in that, the non Christians and those who would seek to destroy us will use this to show the non Christians, that we are trying to reach, and who already look at us with suspicion and mistrust, that this is another example of our intolerance and fanaticism and that we will stop at nothing to attempt to institute a National Religion and this is why we need the Courts to protect us and enforce the separation of Church and State resulting in a further deterioration of the religious freedoms presently afforded us. There is plenty of factual evidence of the governments anti Christian bias and attempt to destroy the family and Christianity without our having to spread misinformation even if not intentional. We must be ever vigilant to be sure of the facts less we be labeled as intolerant conspiracy theorist, seeing everything as being an attempt to destroy our faith and religious freedoms. Do not be less vigilant in your witnessing and attempt to bring others to Christ but show others Christian love and be in daily prayer and study of his word for guidance of the Holy Spirit. I believe brothers and sisters that we are in the last days and the coming of the Anti Christ and the tribulation is at hand. We will soon have to either take a stand for or deny Christ.


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