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Do you think you know the real Christmas story and can separate the fact from the fiction? Are your recollections based on scripture or merely what you have come to believe through your teachings?  You may be surprised.

The events surrounding the birth of Jesus have been retold so many times and in so many ways, through poetry, plays, books and movies that the true events have become distorted. The various misconceptions about Christ’s birth show the need to always test everything we hear against the Holy Bible, God’s Word, no matter what the source, and no matter how old the traditions and doctrines are. The Bible is the final authority.


The Real Christmas Quiz

True or False?


Q1. The Bible says that Jesus was born in December?

Q2. Jesus was not born in 0 A.D.?

Q3. We are told that Mary rode into Bethlehem on a donkey?

Q4. Jesus was circumcised on the 8th day of his life?

Q5. Early Christians celebrated the birth of Jesus?

Q6. The barn animals miraculously spoke the night Jesus was born?

Q7. God is the real father of Jesus?

Q8. Jesus always celebrated his birthday?

Q9. Micah foretold that Jesus would be born in Bethlehem?

Q10. Mary, mother of Jesus, did not remain a virgin for the rest of her life?

Q11. God told people to remember the birth of his son?

Q12. The angels told the shepherds that they should worship the baby Jesus?

Q13. The angel said “Peace on earth to all men”?

Q14. The wise men were present at the birth site of Jesus?

Q15. We are told that the angels sang at the announcement of Jesus’ birth?

Q16. The Bible tells us that three kings riding on camels visited Jesus?

Q17. Mary gave birth on the night that she arrived in Bethlehem?

Q18. The star led the wise men straight to Jesus?

Q19. The tradition of giving presents at Christmas comes from the wise men presenting gifts?

Q20. 25th December was originally the date of a Roman festival?


Use the link to the left for biblically based answers after you have finished the quiz.

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